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Birth is a sacred event, a journey that many women make in their life that has the potential to forever change their lives.  It is a life passage that deserves a great deal of attention and preparation for.  We know that where a woman chooses to birth is an individual decision that must be derived after thoughtful consideration of the woman’s desires, an evaluation of her risk factors, and in a place that creates a safe and supportive atmosphere.  For some women this will be in a hospital, for others it will be in a birth center.  One thing we here at
Inanna Birth & Women’s Care know for sure, is that women will do best , have the least amount of complications and have the greatest degree of satisfaction when they birth where and with whom they feel safe.  We believe that birth is a normal event in a woman’s life that in most cases proceeds normally with little to no intervention.  We believe that God has created a woman’s body for having babies and therefore only rarely needs medical intervention.  Our goal is to provide you with a safe birth with medical support closely available if needed.  We offer tours on the weekend by appointment.  During our tours, you will get to walk through the facility and have ample time for questions about clinical concerns and financial issues.  To Schedule a tour call (940) 483-1569 or reply to

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"While Americans treated birth as a medical event performed on the mother, British midwives learned that birth was a physical event, performed by the mother."

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