At Inanna Birth & Women's Care we believe that birth is a sacred event, a journey that many women make in their life that has the potential to forever change their lives.  It is a life passage that deserves a great deal of attention and preparation for.  We know that where a woman chooses to birth is an individual decision that must be derived after thoughtful consideration of the woman’s desires, an evaluation of her risk factors, and in a place that creates a safe and supportive atmosphere.  For some women this will be in a hospital, for others it will be in a birth center.  One thing we here at Inanna Birth & Women’s Care know for sure, is that women will do best , have the least amount of complications and have the greatest degree of satisfaction when they birth where and with whom they feel safe.  We believe that birth is a normal event in a woman’s life that in most cases proceeds normally with little to no intervention.  We believe that God has created a woman’s body to be successful in childbirth and therefore only rarely needs medical intervention. 


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