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If you are like most dads, you are probably wondering why your partner wants to have your baby out of a hospital.  I’m sure you are thinking she has taken leave of her senses!  Isn’t it safer to have your baby in a hospital with a physician?  Well, actually she has done her homework.  When, over a third of babies are born by cesarean section there is something innately wrong!  The rising rates of induction of labor, cesarean section,  and infection in many of American hospitals, women are now looking at other options for birth.  Don’t get us wrong, we are very glad to have a wonderful physician and local hospital to help us out when complications arise, but starting in a hospital is not always the best decision.  In our experience, where a mom feels safe to give birth is where her birth will most likely go smoothly.
We know that you love your partner and want only the best for her, that’s why educating yourself about birth is so important.  We know that the last car you bought, you probably did a lot of research on the car’s safety features.   The same is true about where and with whom to birth.  Hopefully you have watched the documentary 
“The Business of Being Born.”  Ricky Lake does an excellent job of navigating through all the American birth statistics.  Go to Netflix and watch it!  You will be surprised and will see the wisdom that your partner has.
 We understand you are worried about safety for her and your baby.  Many dads ask us 
“What do you do in the case of an emergency?”  We have been asked that question many times.  First of all, true emergencies are extremely rare.  When we transport a woman to the hospital, literally 99% of the time it is because the baby won’t come out due to a dysfunctional labor and they need medical intervention to finish.  In these cases,  there  is no urgency.  When a woman is transported to the hospital, the midwife has already contacted our physician and he alerts the Labor and Delivery staff at the hospital.  Then the midwife and the couple drive to the hospital less than 10 minutes away.  From then on the nurses at the hospital and our physician take over.  Our midwives will still follow your care after you have given birth.  In all the years we have been open we have only had three emergency transfers and all cases both mother and baby did fine.  In emergency cases, an ambulance is called and the midwife usually rides in the ambulance with your partner.  In the case of a newborn transport, we always transport by ambulance but the midwife stays with your partner and you follow the baby to the hospital.  Again, birth is a normal event and serious complications are extremely rare.
According to 
The World Fact Book, by the Central Intelligence Agency, the United States ranks 41st in infant mortality world -wide!  The United States maternal death rate is 8:100,000 as quoted by Unicef.  The United States is the richest country with the highest level of technology available in the world so why such devastating statistics?  The answer is the over use of technology.  Abraham Maslow had a saying that “if the only tool you have is a hammer, you will treat everything as if it were a nail”.  Nothing could be more true than in the world of obstetrics today.  Below is an insightful article regarding the rising rate of cesarean section simply due to the rising rate of induction of labor.,8599,2007754,00.html
Lastly, trust your partner.  She is smart!  That is just one reason you fell in love with her.  She has done her research and knows what is best for her.  Support her by trusting her choices in birth too!
Here are just some comments by some of our initially reluctant dads.

“It was great!  We got to go home two hours after birth!”  Josh Waltersheid
“What was most important, was that my wife felt comfortable”  Taylor Lassiter
“Once I came in and talked to the wonderful and experienced staff, my mind was at ease knowing that my wife and baby would be in good hands." Shayne Lehnan

“Initially, I was not very comfortable with the idea of Camille utilizing a midwife for her prenatal care, labor and delivery. I did agree to go visit and learn more. What doctor's office invites you to visit and learn more about their services?
Our first visit was exceptional, friendly and unhurried, and all our questions were answered. During our routine visits, we were greeted by name when we walked in the door and I appreciated the fact that there wasn't a sliding glass window closed in my face. Camille's labor and delivery experience was extremely peaceful. The atmosphere warm, the direction of the midwife kind and encouraging. It's amazing what happens when we let a woman's body do what it was designed to do. When we have another baby it will definitely be at Inanna!” Chris Wilder, Ph.D


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